First Five Tune List (click on anything underlined)
Fiddle technique: what you might like to know before you play for the first time: stripes to help place your fingers, holding the fiddle and the bow (posture), tuning the fiddle
1. Peg Ryan’s Polkafrom County Kerry, this one uses only fingers one and three, and two strings!
 2. Oh, The Britches Full of Stitches - from County Kerry, another easy polka using only fingers one and two, and three strings!

Note: 1/13/2002 - You have to start somewhere, so this is the beginning of First Five. As fast as I can, I’ll get other tunes up on this site for the fiddle, dulcimer and tin whistle. Sound files will accompany each tune and version, slow enough to learn from.

6/3/03 - At last! Under urging from a student I've added another tune. More to come!

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