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Amazing Slow DownerLooking for help learning by ear? This is the thing. Slow down a CD, change that tune from Eb to D, and loop a part over and over.  Works perfectly, it’s cheap, and Roni Music continually upgrades me for free. How could you ask for more? Everyone I’ve recommended it to raves about it.  They also make a nice MIDI player called Sweet MIDI Player.

Box Factory for the Arts - Since 1995, the Berrien Artist Guild has worked hard to redevelop the old Williams Bros. Box Factory building at 1101 Broad Street in St. Joseph, Michigan, into a multi-disciplinary arts resource for community artists and citizens. The Box Factory for the Arts offers gallery space for local artists; affordable studio space for painters, crafters and writers; a venue for musicians, poets, drama and dance groups; meeting space; and Jeannie's Café, for guests to enjoy a delicious meal while surrounded by many artistic displays and sounds.

JC's Tune Finderthe place to go to find Irish tunes in many formats. I visit this site at least once a day. Thanks, John!

Ceolas Celtic music archive – the home of Irish music on the internet since 1994, links to many tune sites, resources in the Irish music world.

Ethan James' website - Soon to be the best Irish flute player in El Salvador. Tune audio clips from a great (and persistent) collector.

Brian McNeill's website - From Falkirk, Scotland, founding member of the Battlefield Band. One of my heroes.

Christy Barry's website - From Doolin, Co. Clare - Christy is a monster flute and whistle player, former All-Ireland Champion

Cork Dulcimer FestivalIreland’s first ever dulcimer festival! National University of Ireland, Cork City. July 26, 27, 28, 2002.

Curt Brown's Blues Web Site Curt has about the best blues show you'd ever want to hear, an encyclopedic knowledge of country and city blues, the roots of blues and things like swing and rockabilly, a warm heart, and he loves to hear from you. Without a personal financial or fame stake, he supports the local blues and folk scene generously. His Thursday (10-midnight) show on 88.9 WSND-FM, Notre Dame, Indiana, is a treasure and a feast for the ear.

Dick Glasgow's Website - "This site promotes the traditional music, song and rhyme of North Antrim (Ireland)" – Alan Ng's website: Everything you wanted to know about a tune: different names, who recorded it, what and who else is on the album, identify tunes on a recording, document a tune's history, find out if there's a composer, locate transcriptions in books. An amazing web site. thanks, Alan!

Michigan Peace Team - These sweet people put themselves between combattants and victims in Israel/Palestine, and are active on all sorts of domestic fronts as well. Non-violent witness by people who have "been there."

Nick Blanton's web site– a great dulcimer builder and player

ODPC Funfest– Original Dulcimer Players Club (Michigan) – home of the Evart Funfest

Paul Goelz's web siteMichigan dulcimer player, Un-Fest organizer, radio-control helicopter pilot, astronomer. Crikey! Almost a Renaissance man.

Vince Brennan's web site - The Old Music Project - contains uncountable reams of good stuff not just on Irish music, but mandolins, fiddles, Playford, humor, and of course, the O'Neill Project, for which we all owe him a debt.

World Folk Music Company – the music store in Chicago where I teach. Good source of CD’s, instruments, lessons, and the best selection of hand-made bodhráns that I know.

Wren Day – December 26 (St. Stephen’s Day) Celebrations

Vince Hearns' web site - Vince is a trad singer, songwriter, Rennaissance man. He knows about dulcimers in Ireland, where the best place is to hang out at the Fleadh Cheoil, where the finest singers in Ireland are.

Noam Chomsky's web site. Let's get serious a minute. This guy is one of a few people (Howard Zinn is another) that pulls no punches. He has history and America's part in it figured out and documented. Read him.


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