David James's Freedom Summer 08 Miscellany [under continuous construction]

Preparation, during the trip, and aftermath of the Indiana University South Bend Freedom Summer 08 study encounter tour of the South


On April 7th and 8th some of us from the IU South Bend Civil Rights Heritage program chaperoned a group of South Bend high school Twenty-First Century Scholars on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, and New Albany, Indiana. During the trip we visited the Muhammad Ali Center, and the home of the Bradens, whose activism in the Louisville area was long and legendary. We toured the Anne Braden Library at the University of Louisville, and the Carl Braden Center in town. Thank-you Cate Fosl, Ira Grupper, Charles Neblett, Rev. Campbell.

For continuous information "up to the minute" (or at least the day) during the trip, please visit our BLOG, Freedom Summer '08. Please feel free to respond to the postings!

David James's stuff

5/2/08 - Here's my typefocus.com personality inventory for all to see. I guess it's O.K. I am an INTP, for what that's worth. If you want more of a look, download the .pdf--it's only two pages.

5/3/08 - Here's the photos from the ObamaMama Rally and the Carwash.

Poems by Margaret Block
On May 14, Freedom Summer 08 took a tour of part of the Mississippi Delta with Charles MacLaurin and Margaret Block. Margaret, native of the Mississippi Delta; veteran of the civil rights movement, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); sister of fellow civil rights worker Sam Block; teacher and oral historian, shared some of her poems with us. Here are two MP3s (more to come):
Justice and Jive
Pecking Order
Listen to the Freedom Summer '08 Singers and our friends from all over the South:
5/16/08 - Here's the MP3 of Been Down in the South that Hollis Watkins taught us.
5/18/08 - Here's the MP3 of Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round that we sang for Hollis Watkins.
Here's the MP3 of Ain't Scared of Nobody 'Cause I Want My Freedom that he came back with.
Then he taught us the Freedom Calypso adaptation of Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song, Freedom Coming and It Won't Be Long.

5/18/08 - We visited the First Baptist "Brick-a-day" Church in Montgomery, Alabama, and were struck speechless by their wonderful youth choir's performance of two beautiful songs. Here they are in MP3 format:
Keep Hope Alive
Go Ye Now In Peace
Find out more about the church HERE and HERE.

Here is my version of Thirsty Boots, written by Eric Anderson, who was a folksinger/songwriter in the Sixties. I've always loved this song, and what has happened in the last couple of days brought it back to mind, so I sat up tonight and recorded it in this hotel room in Montgomery.

Here's the sheet music in PDF form for Been Down Into the South, Freedom, Freedom Rider (to nthe tune of Hully-Gully), I'm Gonna Do Whast the Spirit Says Do, and Woke Up This Morning With My Mind on Freedom.

Participant's stuff

I'm going to save this part as a sort-of template so I can quickly add more people and things here as the tour progresses. Check back.

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