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May 7, 2005


This is a new folder that I hope to add to over the years with some more stories and academic stuff. IÕm a graduate of the Indiana University South Bend Masters of Liberal Studies Program and stuff I wrote as a student might also end up here. Maybe some othersÕ writings too.



Short story: Thursday Night Lights - By me. This is a semi-autobiographical story set in a Catholic high school in Atlanta in 1962. Here it is as a .pdf.

Tuition Thoughts, A Call To Action?
- This paper is my first response to a long night of discussion in early June, 2008, with some members of the I.U. South Bend Freedom Summer 08 tour. Here it is as a .pdf.


The Strong Tradition-Bearer in Irish Traditional Music – Taking John D. NilesÕ idea of the song and story telling tradition bearer and applying it to ITM.


The Internet and the Irish Traditional Music Community – IRTRAD-L, JCÕs Tune Finder, irishtune.info, Ceolas, FiddlerÕs companion – some bits of history.