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Caoimhín MacAoidh in Between the Jigs and the Reels (1994), page 174, lists "Mandy Gallagher" as "of Tullagh" on Carrigart and says no more.

HERE is an MP3 of him playing a tune that I think is called Rabbit A-Hunting. The quality is ghastly! Hum, buzz. You might want to e.q. up a bit of, say 4000-6000 hz to make it more intelligible.

HERE is a pdf of the tune as I think it should be written out.


What key do you think it's in? My guess was D on the basis of the drone notes, but I'm open for suggestions.

Look at the PDF. Do you think I have it written out right? If not, do it in ABC and send it to me.

Any guess as to tune type?

Anybody know any more about Mandy Gallagher?

Recognize the voice of the host?

Do you like this way of dealing with inquiries? Want a song of Mandy's?

Write me. Thanks

David James

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